Special Pista Gud Desi Ghee Gajak

Rajasthani gud and til Gajak and Rewadi are traditional Indian sweets. There are several varieties of them and they are only eaten in winter. Gajak and Rewadi are believed to promote health in winter because they provide a lot of energy for the body. Gajak is usually a dried sesame dessert called til and Jaggery (Gud), but it is sometimes made from condensed milk, such as Gajak rolls. They are also made of sesame and brown sugar but in the form of small candies. Because of their long preparation time, they are difficult to make at home but not that much hard. Rajasthani gud ki gajak and til ki gajak can be buy online from “Ramsewak Sahu Gajak udhyog” online store. They can only be purchased from their store offline. If you visit northern India in winter, don’t forget to try them especially from “Ramsewak Sahu gajak udhyog”.

Some of the most popular gajak and rewadi that I tried from RS Gajak

Rewadi comes in many flavors, although only two are known: one is white and the other is golden. Sometimes it will be flavored with the essence of fragrant pine thread. Take a pan and put it on medium heat, Roast rewadi til on it, make a stir continuously. when roasted completely and nicely cool them, make a thick syrup by adding Gud and water, Add TIL and mix well. Apply oil to a plate and spread the mixture into a thin sheet, let it cool, Cut and store.

Til Gajak appears in the form of small thin plates and is also called Til barfi some areas. It can be simple or other kinds, usually decorated with musical notes and other nuts. Fry sesame seeds, cardamom, and dried fruits in a heavy-bottomed pan. Stir-fried until it exudes a pleasant aroma. Now put all the frying ingredients into the mixing tank to make a coarse flour. Put the ghee in the pan, and after the ghee has completely melted, add the grated brown sugar. Stir well and cook for 5 minutes under a low gas supply. Stir again. The brown sugar has changed color. Now add the chopped material and mix well. Turn off the gas immediately. One minute. Now transfer the Gajak mixture to the oiled plate and roll it up with a rolling pin. Use your fingertips to shape the edges. Roll out into a ½” layer, then sprinkle with chopped nuts, then roll back to the” tray, cool for 10 minutes, then cut into the desired shape with a knife, and cool for 15-20 minutes.

Mungfali Gajak is the most popular and most affordable gajak. It is made of (mungfali-peanut) and palm sugar. It is only available in the form of small sheets. Mungfali Lakcha is a delicious gajak made from palm sugar and peanuts. It is invisible and irregular in shape. For this, coat a rectangular pan with ghee and set it aside. In a large kadhai with a thick bottom, dry the sesame seeds with low heat until golden brown. Don’t get in the way. Now mix the sugar, ghee, and two tablespoons of water and cook over medium heat until thick and syrupy. Remove from heat, add toasted sesame seeds and cashew nuts, and peanuts(mungfali) and stir. Stir well, then transfer to a pan lined with ghee and smooth with a large pan. Although it is still hot/warm, cut into pieces while cooling, and when they have cooled well, you can separate the pieces and eat or store them in an airtight container.

Roll Gajak is very famous and usually comes in two versions: one with a smooth condensed milk core and the other without a core. It is usually decorated with gold cards and other nuts. Take a kadhai and put it on medium heat and then Roast some sesame on it after this stir continuously, when roasted nicely cool them. Make thick syrup by adding jaggery and water then add sesame and mix well. Let the mixture cool to room temperature and make roll out of it then let it cool and store in air tight container.

Til Patti are made from just 2 or 3 ingredients, with the third ingredient being optional and can consist of ginger powder, fennel powder, or crushed peanuts. The white sesame is roasted and mixed with brown sugar, fixed, and cut into small, thin pieces. The preparation and preparation take less than 15 minutes. The only time the setting time takes is at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. Children love this “Til Patti” and like to take it with them as a snack in the lunch box. These are types of energy bars that are convenient to take with you to the office or on the go. See related posts by Mixed Nut Gur (Jaggery) Chikki, other special sweetness/crisps from Lohri and Makar Sankranti Winterfest and Harvest.

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