Till Gud Barfi

Till Gud Barfi

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Til gud barfi is known for it’s softness. It’s a type of gajak that is made small til so it can have the softness. Order it online for your family and enjoy this winter.



  • Gajak Til Barfi is an extraordinary variant of the Traditional Natively constructed and Handmade Sweets
  • Sahu Gajaks Til Barfi is a famous nibble to elegance any event in India. It is liked by all age bunches people groups, it is ideal for giving at celebrations.
  • Sahu Gajaks are decently sweet with advance the taste of Sesame Seeds,Gond Jaggery, Sugar, Pure Desi Ghee
  • Dry Fruits ( Badam and Pista )
  • Cardamom, and Tree nuts.

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