Rajasthani Till Patti

Rajasthani Till Patti

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Rajasthani Till Patti is another variety in making gud ki gajak. It has the Rajasthani taste and quality that will enhance your eating experience of gajak.



Firm and flaky Rajasthani Gajak Til Patti is an intriguing variant of the conventional Handmade desserts with sesame seeds and jaggery.

This Gajak is decently sweet improving the flavor of Jaggery, Pure desi ghee and cardamom.

Gajjak is a characteristic blend of jaggery and Sesame seeds.

Gazak is a characteristic and quality food which is ideal for Indian conventional and kid-accommodating bites.

It is ideal and fit for fasting, Upwas and giving on celebrations.

It is a conventional yet Indian Mithai. Unadulterated Natural, No additional additives, No Color No Flavor and you will find its delectable taste when your chomp liquefies in your mouth with each nibble.

  • Rajasthan is known for its desert texture in till Patti.
  • We believe in it and make it with the old traditional way to make Rajasthani till Patti
  • Buy old traditional rajasthani gajak from ramsewak sahu gajak udhyog.

Shelf life– 3 to 4 months
Storage– Store in a dry place and keep away from direct sunlight
Size – 500 gm to 1 kg
Packing material– Export quality paper box
Ingredients- Til, Gud

FAQ | Ramsewak sahu gajak udhyog
How to place an order for gajak?
Place an order for gajak by visiting our website or you can directly call us on +9198282 80202.
Do you provide gajak in the whole sale?
Yes, we are the manufacturer of gajak so we sell it in retail and whole sell both.
What about the quality and taste of the gajak?
We are making gajaks for the past 30 years and people in Jaipur love the taste and quality of our winter sweets. We have the traditional way to make it so yes you will find good quality and taste in our products.
Do you provide timely delivery?
Yes, we are connected with the best logistic services so you will get timely delivery on your order.
Do you provide delivery all over the India?
Yes we moved to online business so we can provide online delivery of gajak to all over India
How many days do you take for the delivery?
Normally we dispatch your order 1 day after getting it. So you can get the order in 3 or 4 days.
Is cash on delivery available?
Yes, we have cash on delivery only on some selected products.
Is there any discount?
Yes! You will get a 10% discount on your first purchase you can use our coupons.
Is there any guarantee of damaged products?
Yes of course! We take full responsibility for your package. We use high-quality boxes and damage-proof packaging material to ensure 100% safety. But if you received damaged product kindly contact us on +9198282 80202

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1 KG, 500 GM


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