Crunchy gajak ladoo

Crunchy gajak ladoo

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Crunchy gajak laddu is made by ramsewak sahu gajak udyog. It’s another variety in gajak that are loved all over the India. The mixture of dry fruits and til makes it crunchy, so enjoy your gajak laddu by ordering it online.


  • Fresh and Flaky Sahu Crunchy Gajak Laddu is an intriguing form of the Traditional Homemade and Handmade Healthy Snacks.
  • Dry Fruit Laddu is a well known nibble to elegance any event in India.
  • Ramsewak Sahu Gajak exceptional dry natural product laddu is respectably sweet , improving the flavor of Sesame, Seeds and Jaggery, Sugar, Pure Desi Ghee, Gond, Cardamom, and Tree nuts.
  • Dry Fruits ( Badam and Pista )
  • The combination of dry leafy foods gives it that tasty crunch.

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